New Martin Scorese film shot in 3D with ARRI Alexas

FD Times has a write up on the new Martin Scorsese film “Hugo” that was shot in 3D with ARRI Alexas.

Editors technical notes: “Hugo” was the first 3D feature film to use Arri Alexas, with Pace 3D rigs, and the first to use all three sets of Cooke lenses: 5/i, S4/i, and Panchro/i. The little box with 3 LED lights on it (above the BACKUP “A” PADDLE label is a Cooke /i illuminated focus scale dimmer. Gregor Tavenner, 1st Camera Assistant on the production said, “The Cooke 5/i illuminated focus scales were low on my list when I first saw them. But guess what. This was a perfect application for it. Two lenses inside a dark and crowded 3D rig, no way a Maglite–or two Maglites–would get in.” Other gear in picture above: Transvideo CineMonitorHD 3DView, Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape Measure, Preston Cinema Systems MDR, OConnor head.

For the full article check out the FD Times website.