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NEW Kodak Vision 3 Film Stock 1000T????

Kodak is about to announce a new film stock and there is some speculation as to what it will be. It would be truly interesting it Kodak came out with a fantastic 1000T?! film stock. With the ever increasing quality high ISO performance of digital cinema cameras it would makes sense that if Kodak wanted to make a big competitive splash that introducing a new high speed film stock would be a good way to do it. Stayed tuned to the Kodak site here for more details as they are announced.

Kodak 5230 Film Stock Test

Source:James Neihouse

Here are a couple of takes from a test roll of Kodak 5230 that I shot last week. Both scenes are with the same lighting set up and are at the same exposure, they were shot back to back, I even left the flash frame in to prove it;)

I really like the skin tones and the way the stock falls off in the dark areas. The highlights seem to hold up very well. There is some noise and some blocking induced by the H264 compression for Vimeo. :(

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Zacuto The Great Camera Shootout 2011: SCCE ~ Episode Three

The Great Camera Shootout 2011: Episode 3 ~ “It’s Not So Black & White” from Steve Weiss on Vimeo.

Arri Alexa
Sony F35
Sony PMW-F3
Panasonic AF-100
Weisscam HS2 Mk2
Phantom FLEX
Canon 5D MkII
Canon 1D MkIV
Canon 7D
Nikon D7000
Kodak 5219 and Kodak 5213.

Episode 3, It’s Not So Black & White, completes the three part Great Camera Shootout 2011 series but also has an unexpected announcement that will leave you salivating for more! In this episode, the cameras are tested on motion artifacts, color and skin tone. The tests were administered by Robert Primes, ASC and conducted as an unbiased test through the SCCE (Single Chip Camera Evaluation). Some updates to certain cameras such as “S Log” on the Sony F3 and “CineStyle” for the Canon cameras were not available at the time of these tests.

For more info check out the Zacuto site.

Kodak responds to rumors and assuages fears about about the future of film. Also NEW Vision 3 film stock!

Kodak in a recent statement have responded to rumors and assuaged fears about about the future of film. They have also let it be known there is a *new* Vision 3 film stock coming!

There has been much speculation about the fate of Kodak motion picture film over the last few weeks. We at Kodak refuse to let the volatility of the market or the rumors distract us from our mission – to provide the highest quality tools to tell your stories.

We are still making film – billions of feet of it! Sure, digital technology has impacted how filmmakers approach their work. But Kodak is a company with a long and brilliant presence, all built on ground-breaking science and technology. We are committed to continuing to do so, even in today’s landscape where film and digital coexist.

Something else that seems to get lost in the hype: We are more than a film company; we are the innovators who understand image making more than anyone else. We possess critical expertise from our past which we draw upon for our future. We have some of the brightest and most innovative researchers and scientists in the business working on our products – film and otherwise – to carry us into the future.

And we will soon be introducing a new film! A new member of the VISION3 family of color negative films will be added to your film choices. With the latest film technology in the can, you can keep rolling in the most challenging production situations – on set or on location – and maintain a high resolution image through post and distribution.

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Arri Alexa, RED MX, Super 16 comparison footage test (VIDEO)

Dynamic Range Camera Test from John Brawley on Vimeo.

A dynamic range test between Alexa, RED MX and Super 16.

Four Scenes shot with three cameras to test the dynamic range of each camera in a real world situation. Lighting was very simple in each case, only involving a single fixture and available or practical lighting otherwise.

All lenses were cooke S4′s.
Simple balancing grade done in Lustre from grey card for each setup.
Alexa was shot in LOG mode, recorded to PRO RES 4:4:4.
RED MX processed via R3D’s natively in Lustre.
Super 16 was transferred to 2K DPX via Spirit. First setup was KODAK 250D and subsequent setups were KODAK 500T. NO noise reduction was used (though this would normally be applied)

Check the original topic and discussion on DVXUSER.COM

Hawk Anamorphic 45-90mm T2.8


Vantage Film, the designer and manufacturer of Hawk Lenses, premiered their lightweight, compact Hawk Anamorphic 45-90mm T2.8 zoom lens at Cine Gear Expo. It will be available in both 2x and 1.3x squeeze (2x for 4:3 and 4-perf image areas; and 1.3x for 16:9 and 3-perf image areas). The anamorphic element is in front.

The zoom lens weighs a mere 4.5 kg, focuses to 2’6″ and is 220 mm long. The front diameter is 125 mm.

For more info check the Hawk Anamorphic site.

BBC: Camera That Changed the World, documentary about hand held cameras.

Source: BBC

The BBC has produced an amazing documentary about the development of documentaries! 1960 the year the world change and went hand held! It is only available on the BBC for UK viewers but it is widely available on torrent for all the rest of us. For sure a must see!

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Why the world’s best water cameramen still shoot on film

ICG has a great article on why the world’s best water cameramen still shoot on film. This a particularly interesting article given the rise of high end compact digital cine cameras and as the stick anywhere GoPro micro HD cameras. Check it out here on ICG site.

Vimeo Pro & Apple TV

Introducing Vimeo PRO from Bill Bergen on Vimeo.

Vimeo PRO is a simple and extremely affordable video solution for businesses. We’ve been hearing from companies for years about how they would love to use Vimeo for commercial purposes (something our current platform prohibits) so we’ve built a service and added some tools that we think small businesses and organizations will find very useful.

Apple TV is supposed to offer streaming support for Vimeo, check the details here.

Leica Summilux-C Cine Lenses shipping

Band Pro has announced that the new series of Leica Summilux-C lenses are now shipping.

Leica Summilux-C w/ Harris Savides, ASC from Band Pro Film & Digital on Vimeo.

More sample vimeo footage here.