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Hands On: Sony F65 Camera Overview

We have had a number of different events over the last few months featuring Sony’s F65 camera. The F65 offers unparallelled 8k resolution and produces stunning 4k imagery. We’ve done a lot of testing with it, and found both the resolution and dynamic range to be off the charts. For all of you that were not able to attend our events, I put together this short video covering some of the big features of the camera; stay tuned for future videos on workflow and data management. The F65 has a special package price offer through Dec 26th, so make sure to speak with our sales team if you are interested.

*First* Red Scarlet-X Short Film

This short film was shot on a RED Scarlet-X in December 2011.

It started out as a test to put the Scarlet into a real life shooting situation and we ended up creating this short in 3 hours time.

Please read a detailed field report in this article:

RED Scarlet-X Video Review Part 1

Cinema 5D has posted part one of their review of the RED Scarlet-X. Check out their site here for more information.

Touch it, feel it, a quick look at the exterior of a basic Scarlet-X shooting package.
This is the first part of the Scarlet-X review. Part 2 will be published shortly (this year).

In this video I presented the following products by RED digital cinema:
- Scarlet-X Brain
- Canon EF Aluminum mount
- SSD Side Module
- 2x 64GB SSD’s
- Side Handle
- 4 RedVolt Batteries
- 2 Travel Chargers
- Red Station
- Red Pro Touch Lcd 5″

Red Scarlet X Footage #003 – Faces (30 Seconds)

source:Tonaci Tran of Tocani Camera Rental

Red Scarlet X
Lens: Canon L 85mm 1.2

All shot at 24fps – 4K – 48th Shutter – 8:1 setting.

I included different faces from young to old. All of whom have different skin tones and texture. Shot using pure natural light.


source:Tonaci Tran of Tocani Camera Rental

Tonaci Tran
has posted actual footage from the RED Scarlet-X. This is the first time we are starting to see some Scarlet-X footage in the wild.

RED Scarlet-X Unboxing and Hands-On Pictures(PLAYBACK)

source:Tonaci Tran of Tocani Camera Rental

Tonaci Tran of Tocani Camera Rental has posted some unboxing and hands-on pictures of his new RED Scarlet-X. Engadget has write up on the first Scarlet-X to ship. Check out the REDUSER forum for more details.

Sony F65 120FPS Firmware Upgrade

Sony F65
to feature 120FPS by Summer 2012.

January 2012 Record 16-bit 4K RAW at frame rates of 23.98p / 24p / 25p / 29.97p / 59.94p / 60p
February 2012 “Beta” version of HD recording using Sony’s SR codec at 440Mb/s and 4:4:4. Available frame rates of 23.98p / 24p / 25p / 29.97p.
April 2012 Full HD recording with addition of 880Mb/s and 220Mb/s, as well as 4:2:2 option, and ramping from 1-60fps in RAW and SR recording.
Summer 2012 High speed recording of 61-120fps for all recording options.

4K RED EPIC EDIT in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Tom Lowe of TimeScapes has posted a video of natively editing RED EPIC footage on a 4K timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

4K EDIT in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

A behind-the-scenes video showing my 4K editing timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, using 5K native Red Epic .R3D files and 4K DPX timelapse sequences.

Scarlet Introduction Video


Introduction with interviews and reactions.

Scarlet Introduction from Rod Clark on Vimeo.

RED Scarlet Nov 3rd SPECS! 4K Super 35mm 125FPS AT 1K $9750

Since the RED server is currently down at this moment (6:53 PST NOV 3rd) but was able to pull some specs for the NEW official RED Scarlet.

5k Stills
4k Motion
Lower data rate than the Epic
4K Quad HD at 30 fps … 3K at 48 fps, 2K at 60 fps, 1K at 120 fps
2k 60 fps
Level of .r3d compression won’t be as good as EPIC
Same sized sensor as Epic
Delivery Dec 1st, scarlet comes with Side SSD, Brain, Canon new Canon mount…
Nov 17thshipping for non-ti mount ship date
Comes in Grey, dark grey – every EPIC thing works on scarlet
5K: 12fps HDRx: 6fps
4K: 1-25FPS
4K QuadHD: 30fps
3K: 48FPS
2K: 60FPS
$11,250 with current Canon mount
$13,000 Package deal LCD side handle etc
Upgradeable to Red Dragon sensor in the future but upgrade price will be higher than upgrading an Epic as more boards need changing.