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Panasonic GH3 Announcement $1,300


16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Double OLED Display
Splash/Dustproof Design
Full-HD Progressive
Smartphone or Tablet Linking

SLRmagic Hyperprime 12mm f/1.6 lens officially announced

source:M43 Rumors and

SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm / F1.6 (black ring version) – short review from Hacky on Vimeo.

The SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers end November 2011.

Technical Data:

Lens Type: Ultra Fast wide-angle lens with three Tantalum glass elements to ensure superior cinematic performance.
Compatible Cameras: All micro four thirds mount cameras
Optical Design: 12 elements in 10 groups
Distance Settings: Distance range: 0.15m to ∞, combined scale meter/feet
Aperture: Manually controlled diaphragm, 12 aperture blades (circular), Lowest value 11
Bayonet: micro four thirds
Filter Mount: internal thread for SLR Magic 58/77 RING (optional) lens hood for 77mm filter; filter mount does not rotate.
Lens Hood: SLR Magic 58/77 RING (optional)
Surface Finish: Black anodized
Length to bayonet mount: approx. 73/81mm (approx. 2.87 /3.18in) (without/with lens hood)
Largest diameter: approx. 60/79mm (approx. 2.36 / 3.11in) (without/with lens hood)
Weight: approx. 330g (approx. 11.64oz)

RED Scarlet Nov 3rd SPECS! 4K Super 35mm 125FPS AT 1K $9750

Since the RED server is currently down at this moment (6:53 PST NOV 3rd) but was able to pull some specs for the NEW official RED Scarlet.

5k Stills
4k Motion
Lower data rate than the Epic
4K Quad HD at 30 fps … 3K at 48 fps, 2K at 60 fps, 1K at 120 fps
2k 60 fps
Level of .r3d compression won’t be as good as EPIC
Same sized sensor as Epic
Delivery Dec 1st, scarlet comes with Side SSD, Brain, Canon new Canon mount…
Nov 17thshipping for non-ti mount ship date
Comes in Grey, dark grey – every EPIC thing works on scarlet
5K: 12fps HDRx: 6fps
4K: 1-25FPS
4K QuadHD: 30fps
3K: 48FPS
2K: 60FPS
$11,250 with current Canon mount
$13,000 Package deal LCD side handle etc
Upgradeable to Red Dragon sensor in the future but upgrade price will be higher than upgrading an Epic as more boards need changing.

Sony F65 at ASC & DGA Pricing & Extra Features Announced $65,000


FDTIMES is reporting that the new Sony digital beast will be priced at $65,000 and have a dynamic range of 14+ stops.

Sony first announced the F65 at NAB 2011 show in April. With its latest enhancements and features, the F65′s capabilities now include:

14 stops High Dynamic Range with much wider color gamut
Rotary shutter model (F65RS) to remove motion artifacts; 4 ND filters built-in with rotary shutter.
Wi-fi operation for remote control operation from tablet devices (including the Android-based Sony Tablet S and Apple iPad)
HD-SDI output with viewing LUT for on-set monitoring with focus assist zoom
60 Minutes of 16 bit Linear RAW file recording onto a 1TB SRMemory card at 24FPS

The F65 digital motion picture camera line-up is scheduled to be available in January 2012:

Sony F65, with viewfinder for $65,000
F65RS (Built in Rotary Shutter Model) with viewfinder for $77,000
SR-R4 dockable recorder for $20,000.

Here and here are links to short lived discussions in the Red user community before they got shut down.

It has take Sony a while to play catch up but if anyone would be able to deliver the most overly teched out monster of a digital cinema camera it is Sony.

Check the official spec list for yourself on the Sony site.

Sony A77 DSLR/VSLR (Rumor:Coming Soon) August 24th


On August 24 Sony will make an amazing announcement. There is no doubt! And one of the thing you will like most is the new video features! I just learned from my sources that the new A77, Nex-7 and VG20 will support the new AVCHD 2.0 standard. This means that all those camera (!) will be able to record FullHD videos in 1080 60/50/25/24p at 28Mbit/s! Do you like that? Wait…there is even more! All camera will support full manual controls while recording video. And you can shoot video in P or A or S or M mode! All three cameras were development having video recording in mind. That means that the new sensor and the new BIOZ processor have been optimized to avoid artifacts like the weird jello effect. And as I already told you the new 3 million dot OLED viewfinder will have a high refresh rate! Can’t wait to see the first video samples

Check Phil Bloom’s take on the camera here.