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(RUMOR) Fuji LX10 APS-C Interchangeable Lens Camera With Optical Viewfinder is saying that the upcoming Fuji interchangeable lens camera will be called the LX10. It will supposedly have an APS-C sensor and a optical not hybrid view finder. There will also be priority mount lenses with possibly four lenses. An 18mm F2 and 35mm F1.4 are likely.

Now the big question comes from the rumor about the viewfinder. If it is optical, then is it going to be a REAL rangefinder not just a hybrid rangefinder style camera. The LX10 could be the successor to the Epson RD-1.

Sony NEX-VG20 Trailer [HD 720p]

Sony NEX-VG20 Trailer [HD 720p] from H. Paul Moon on Vimeo.

See the promotional video that corresponds to this at:​28093257; and lens and audio tests at:​28519437.

There is a year-old User Group for this product and its predecessor at​groups/​nexvg10 that includes discussion, updates, Web references, and a continuously updated library of video samples. It’s the best place to explore the NEX-VG20, which is nearly identical to its predecessor, but if you want to stick with just the NEX-VG20, visit

In addition to following those User Groups, you can follow the NEX-VG20 feed at its Facebook Page,​nexvg20, and on Twitter,​nexvg20; or the combined feeds at​nexvg10, and on Twitter,​nexvg10

Here is the product page at Sony Europe:​content/​Detail.aspx?ReleaseID=6938&NewsAreaID=2


Ricoh M-Mount GXR Mount A12 Module


Ricoh has announced a Leica M-Mount module. Check dpreview for more specs and image gallery.

Tokyo, Japan, August 5, 2011—Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Shiro Kondo) today announced the development and planned September 9, 2011 release of the new product GXR MOUNT A12, a lens mount unit exclusively for the GXR interchangeable unit camera system. The body color will be black only, and the planned monthly production volume is 3,000 units.

Introduced in December 2009, the GXR is a revolutionary interchangeable unit camera system in which lenses can be changed by mounting camera units that integrate lens, image sensor, and image processing engine into a single unit. In addition, utilizing its unique ability to accommodate interchangeable units other than camera units, the system can be expanded to include a variety of other devices.

The new GXR MOUNT A12 is a lens mount unit made especially for the GXR. Featuring an APS-C size CMOS sensor and a newly developed focal plane shutter, this unit makes it possible to mount lenses such as Leica M lenses, and it provides various types of compensation and correction functions.

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