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Carl Zeiss Lenses – Compact Prime CP.2 Mount Change Instructions

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Great news: With the Red Scarlet-X and Canon C300 there are two new cameras with EF or PL mount on the market for which we have the perfect lens solution. Our Compact Prime CP.2 lenses deliver superb flexibility thanks to the interchangeable mounts for five camera systems PL, EF, MFT, F and E mount. The CP.2 lenses are available in nine fixed focal lengths from 18 to 100 mm, with focal lengths 18-85 mm now in stock.

Zeiss 25mm f/2 Initial Impressions With Image Samples

There is little doubt in my mind that the 25/2 Distagon is destined to become my most-favored wide angle lens yet— for the combination of it’s optical quality, its size and weight and form factor, its highly versatile 25mm focal length come together in a way that is exceptional. I have several large drawers full of lenses, so that’s saying something. has posted image samples as well as first impressions of the recently announced Zeiss 25mm F2 lens.

Click here for image samples and more information.

*NEW* Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 25mm F2 ZE and ZF.2 (Canon EOS and Nikon F Mount) €1217 (excluding VAT)

Zeiss has just announced the new Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 25mm F2 ZE(Canon EOS) and ZF.2(Nikon). This looks to be a fantastic wide and fast lens, now only if they can make one in an m-mount! I would love a Zeiss 25mm F2 for my 35mm rangefinder, a stop makes a big difference when shooting film!

Official Release:
OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 27.10.2011.
Carl Zeiss presents the Distagon T* 2/25 ZE and ZF.2 moderate wide-angle lenses. The large image angle allows photographers to capture exciting perspectives. With its excellent imaging quality at all aperture settings, the lens flexes its muscles particularly for photo documentaries in interior rooms where space is at a premium, as well as for pictures of objects, architecture and landscapes. In many situations, a flash is an unwelcome feature — at family gatherings, in a museum or in a church for example. To capture the mood in such places, photographers gladly do without aggressive lighting and instead work with particularly high-speed lenses that enable short exposure times even under difficult lighting conditions.

The optical experts have now virtually eliminated the chromatic aberrations on these lenses through a special design and selection of materials. Selected types of glass and two aspheric surfaces prevent color fringes from appearing on high-contrast edges. “The Distagon T* 2/25 elegantly combines a compact design with a large initial aperture,” explains Christian Bannert, Senior Director of Product Development in the Camera Lens Division at Carl Zeiss AG.

Lens elements meticulously crafted to minimize stray light and reflections in the lens, and the Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating to increase light transmission enable high-contrast image rendition and color saturation.

The previously available Distagon T* 2,8/25 ZF.2 will continue to be on stock and supplements the new Distagon T* 2/25.Therefore, this new lens is also the first 25-mm lens of Carl Zeiss for the EF-bayonet.

The Distagon T* 2/25 will be available end of 2011 at a recommended retail price of €1217 (excluding VAT)*.

Technical Data

Focal length 25 mm
Aperture range f/2 to f/22
Number of lens elements/groups 11/10
Focusing range 0.25 m – infinity
Angular field**
(diag./horiz./vert.) 81° / 71° / 51°
Coverage at close range** 219 × 144 mm (close-up)
Image ratio at close range 1 : 5.9 (close-up)
Filter thread M67 × 0,75
Length with caps 95 mm (ZF.2)
98 mm (ZE)
Diameter 71 mm (ZF.2)
73 mm (ZE)
Weight 570 g (ZF.2)
600 g (ZE)
Mounts ZF.2 (F bayonet)
ZE (EF bayonet)

Official Zeiss site and blog.

Using Carl Zeiss CP.2 Lenses For Corporate Video

Filmmaker and Media Designer Jens Huerkamp about his experiences with ZEISS Compact Prime CP.2 lenses shooting a corporate video at HENSCHEL, a German gear boxes manufacturer.

Interchangeable mount allows a mix of HDSLR systems with traditional cine cameras
Full-frame coverage (24 x 36mm ) for focal lengths 21 to 100 mm, including a 50 mm macro lens
Common aperture of T2.1 for the standard lens set
No need for adapter solutions anymore
Five different mounts available (PL, EF, F, E and MFT mount)
High stability due to support bracket, which is included for additional lens stability
Sweet spot effect with APS-C sensors

Check the Zeiss Site for more info on the lenses and check their youtube channel for more videos.

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