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Leica Interview – 2011″optical finders will get less and less important”


There were a few great quotes from the megapixel interview with Leica.

The main quote being.

Q: Another mirrorless related question – one of the big issues when giving up the mirror is the move from optical to digital viewfinder. How important do you think optical viewfinder is for Leica users and when you look at the current crop of 1.4 MP viewfinders do you think they are good enough or do you really must have the quality of the new Sony 2.4 MP viewfinder? (Alternatively what do you think about the X100 hybrid viewfinder as an option?).

A: I think that the quality of the 1.4MP finders is already very good, and sometimes even more accurate than an optical finder, think of white balance or exposure. Over time, as technology is improving, optical finders will get less and less important. The X100 finder is a very nice concept and well executed.

Looks like more fuel for the fire of the evolution of the EVF.

Panasonic GX1 leaked pictures + new EVF specs! November 8th release date.

Source: m4/3 Rumors and mobile1

Anyway, for now we know that the camera will be announced on November 8 in Japan. It will come along a new 1.44k dot external viewfinder (tiltable). It has a 16 Megapixel sensor, 12.800 ISO and a 460k LCD screen (non tiltable). It will have a new processing engine no more JPEG motion recording and be slightly smaller than the GF1.

I would love to see some video specs! I hope that Panasonic will at least give the Panasonic GX1 24p. The 1.44k EVF sounds excellent but we will wait and see. I am seriously hoping that the upcoming GH3 will also be featuring a much more high resolution EVF.


The rumor mill is buzzing and different rumor sites have different release dates for the upcoming “professional” edition of the Panasonic GF series. M4/3 Rumors claims that it will be released on November 8th and photo rumors claims it will be released tomorrow Oct 28th.




Design is very similar to GF1 with some “touch” of LC1.
It has the same 16 Megapixel G3 sensor.
New image processing engine and ISO12800.
The fastest AF of all Panasonic cameras: 0.09 seconds AF!
Electronic Level
920,000 dots touchscreen LCD (non tiltable!!!)
LVF2 external viewfinder with 1,440,000 dots. (no Built-in EVF)
Color: black, silver.
Camera will be first released on japanese market on November 25. A couple of weeks later in Europe and than US.