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2-Perf and 3-Perf 35mm Motion Picture Film Demo

Director and Cinematographer, James Chressanthis, ASC

KODAK VISION3 250D Color Negative Film 5207
KODAK VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 5219

Cameras were donated by Panavision, and mounted side by side on a single dolly, donated by JL Fisher, to capture the scenes simultaneously.

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NEW Kodak Vision 3 Film Stock 1000T????

Kodak is about to announce a new film stock and there is some speculation as to what it will be. It would be truly interesting it Kodak came out with a fantastic 1000T?! film stock. With the ever increasing quality high ISO performance of digital cinema cameras it would makes sense that if Kodak wanted to make a big competitive splash that introducing a new high speed film stock would be a good way to do it. Stayed tuned to the Kodak site here for more details as they are announced.

Kodak responds to rumors and assuages fears about about the future of film. Also NEW Vision 3 film stock!

Kodak in a recent statement have responded to rumors and assuaged fears about about the future of film. They have also let it be known there is a *new* Vision 3 film stock coming!

There has been much speculation about the fate of Kodak motion picture film over the last few weeks. We at Kodak refuse to let the volatility of the market or the rumors distract us from our mission – to provide the highest quality tools to tell your stories.

We are still making film – billions of feet of it! Sure, digital technology has impacted how filmmakers approach their work. But Kodak is a company with a long and brilliant presence, all built on ground-breaking science and technology. We are committed to continuing to do so, even in today’s landscape where film and digital coexist.

Something else that seems to get lost in the hype: We are more than a film company; we are the innovators who understand image making more than anyone else. We possess critical expertise from our past which we draw upon for our future. We have some of the brightest and most innovative researchers and scientists in the business working on our products – film and otherwise – to carry us into the future.

And we will soon be introducing a new film! A new member of the VISION3 family of color negative films will be added to your film choices. With the latest film technology in the can, you can keep rolling in the most challenging production situations – on set or on location – and maintain a high resolution image through post and distribution.

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Inside Analog Photo Radio-Scott DiSabato-Portra 160 Update

KODAK Portra 160 Update PODCAST!

Kodak Panel with John Bailey, ASC at CineGear Expo 2011

Link to the The Digital Dilemma report John Bailey refers to.