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Sony NEX 5N vs FS100 vs NEX VG20 test video footage

source: EOS HD

Sony NEX 5N versus FS100 and VG20 – Quick comparison from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

Andrew Reid over at EOS HD has posted some test footage between the Sony Nex 5N, Sony FS100 and Sony Nex VG20. Check out the article on EOS HD here for more details.

How does the NEX 5N compare to Sony’s higher end dedicated video cameras?

Well first of all let me tell you that the VG20 is an absolute piece of crap. This is a camera that is meant to sit below the FS100 and is a good $1700 more expensive than the NEX 5N and yet it has a plethora of disadvantages compared to the diminutive mirrorless camera. It brings so little to the party for that extra $1700 namely a top handle and better audio. But in adding those, it also brings massive operational and build quality frustrations to the hapless operator.


Sony Nex 5N Camera Test Video.

Wide Open Camera has done a review and some skin tone video tests with the new Sony Nex 5n. Which is very nice to see someone trying to really push the camera and show all of us what it is capable of. Dig those models in bikinis.

Sony Nex 5N Camera Test. Wide Open Camera. from jared abrams on Vimeo.

The new Sony Nex 5N camera is a killer little interchangeable lens camera. We needed an ultra portable camera that I can always have with me at all times. We decided to not go the traditional camera test route and have a little fun this time around. Models in Bikinis instead of charts and ISO scales. We simply wanted to see how this little puppy would handle skin tones in varying light. We also wanted to see how well we could handle it under pressure. We only had the models for about an hour, so in many ways this mimicked a real shoot.

Sony NEX-7 rumors, super powered pseudo rangefinder w/ righteous 24P video mode

Source: have been spilling some very interesting rumor details the last couple days. Of all the rumors that have been coming out, the Sony NEX7 rumors are by far the most interesting. What it sounds like is Sony is going to make a pseudo rangefinder similar to the Fuji X100 but with a way jazzed up 1080 24P AVCHD 2.0 (28Mbit/s) video mode. This is great news for all of us out there with shit hot rangefinder lenses looking for a compact body with a large(APS-C) sized sensor. reports here that hands on testing reveals that Sony will be trying to market this is a modern day rangefinder with a special ad/rangefinder documentary web series to follow. Very interesting indeed, can’t wait to see what the low light capabilities of this camera are!

Here are the leaked specs supposed to officially announced on the 24th of this month.

24,3 Exmor HD sensor
100-16.000 ISO
1200 zone metering
1920×1080 60p/60i/24p AVCHD 2.0 (28Mbit/s) video recording
3 million dot XGA OLED viewfinder
3inch 921k TruBlack LCD display (touchscreen)
10 fps
20ms startup time
Built-in flash
New universal hot shoe
Battery life for over 400 shots
Magnesium alloy body