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SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 Part I : The Night and Day Test Video

source:M43 Rumors

World Premiere !!! SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE T0.95 / 50mm Part I : The Night Tests

The Day Tests:

I just have the opportunity of testing a prototype SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE T0.95 / 50mm lens on my GH2 (.
This is an incredible lens, very sharp, even at full aperture. It’s a T0.95 very fast lens, that is an equivalence of f/0.92 !!!

Panasonic GH2 24P
Nostalgic mode
Always wide open at 0.95
1/50 shutter speed
quite always 160 asa
No color correction

Panasonic GH2 Tokyo Test Footage Olympus 12mm F2 (Blade Runner Homage)

Source:EOS HD

Blade Runner Homage shot in Tokyo with the Panasonic GH2 and Olympus 12mm F2.0. Seeing footage of Tokyo like this in the rain makes any Blade Runner fan want to catch the next flight to Narita International!

Check out the EOS HD site for more details about the test.

The Olympus 12mm is an F2 lens not quite as fast as the SLR Magic 12mm F1.6, although I often stop that down to F2 to get flare down to an acceptable level and increase contrast. I can use the Olympus wide open and it is sharp and very flare resistant. I like both lenses but the Olympus is a MUCH more expensive. However as you’d expect it has better image quality, with hardly any distortion and it’s very sharp wide open. AF is of the next-gen video optimised variety, it is extremely stable in video mode and never hunts randomly in the middle of a shot.

Amazingly I actually left it on for most of the shoot! I never use AF, always manual, but in this case it was just so rock-solid that it got out of the way and did the job for me. It is also extremely fast and silent. Focussing is all internal, nothing moves. This is what Canon need to work on with their future lenses.

Panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses F2.0, Weather Sealed and $1700???

Source:M43 Rumors

M43 Rumors has new updates on the upcoming Panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses. It looks like Panasonic could be going big and expensive with the new X series lenses and the Panasonic GH3. There is possibility of weather sealing and a $1700 price tag per lens. The fast f2.0 aperture idea seems to not be completely dead. This is really potentially good news and leads to speculation about if Panasonic will be releasing a camera that has weather sealing. The successor to the GH2 could be a big jump in the features department.

I am personally still hoping that they will release a 12-35mm F2.0 lens. It will be most likely be relatively big, heavy, expensive, and not for everyone. However a really solid fast zoom for video users would be worth every penny.

For more info click here and here.

Pop Photo Names Panasonic GH2 Most Flexible Camera of the Year(2011) has named the Panasonic GH2 Most Flexible Camera of the Year(2011).

The GH2 is the first interchangeable-lens compact (ILC) to achieve an Excellent overall image quality in our tests—no mean feat given that it uses a Micro Four Thirds sensor that’s about 40 percent smaller in area than the APS-C sensors found in cameras it outperformed. The touchscreen interface is one of the best we’ve used, but if you hate touchscreens, just turn it off and use the many dedicated buttons and well-organized, customizable menus. ($950, street, with 14–42mm f/3.5–5.6 G Vario lens,

SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm f/1.6 + GH2 Test Video

SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm f/1.6 Test from Raitank on Vimeo.

Received this amazing lens about a week ago (thanks, Andrew @ SLR Magic).
Incredibly sharp even wide open, and tremendous Bokeh throughout. I really love this lens.

I used it on hacked GH2 with Mr.bkmcwd’s famous Gop3zilla custom firmware Q14+ (176 Mbit). And almost everything shot with f/1.6 to play around with Bokeh.

GH2 Driftwood 176mb hack footage

Intergalactic Planetary from inhousegoods on Vimeo.

GH2 Hacked (Driftwood’s 176mb GOP1 “GOPstoppa”)
Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95
Nikon 50mm f/1.2

Song Title:
Jon Kennedy – Tell Me How You Feel (Bonobo Remix)​inhousegoods​inhousegoods


The new Panasonic GX1 was just officially announced but I will cut right to the chase for all the video users out there. looking through the spec spec sheet, 24P and AVCHD 2.0 are not there. I can understand no AVCHD 2.0 but the lack of 24p is really a bummer. Also there is no mic input and if you use the external EVF then putting a mic on the hot shoe is out of the question. I know this is a primarily a stills camera but this could have a made an awesome little “B” hybrid video camera. Hopefully the GH3 will be announced soon now that Panasonic have announced their “pro” model of the GF series.

RED Epic vs. Panasonic GH2 Video

RED Epic verus Panasonic GH2 from Philip Coltart on Vimeo.

Panasonic GH2 (hacked) vs. Red Epic. The GH2 holds up very well!

This is a somewhat David and Goliath story. It is safe to say that a GH2 does not belong on a film set but with some care and stable hacking, this little cam does what it does. I was extremely careful conducting these tests. Every shot was focus assisted, all apertures matched and each cam was on its highest setting. No effects were added or taken away. White balance was adjusted and so were the levels to match each other. Please leave constructive comments. This is an evolving industry full of challengers, large and small, old and new. Feel free to visit some of our work at Thank you.

Salton Sea shot on hacked Panasonic GH2 w/ Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 & Olympus 12mm f/2

Salton Sea from inhousegoods on Vimeo.

Great video of the Salton Sea shot on the Panasonic GH2 w/ Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 & Olympus 12mm f/2 lenses.

Sony NEX 5N review with 5n vs. Panasonic GH2 test footage


Sony NEX 5N versus Panasonic GH2 – EOSHD Review from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

This is a short test in low light against the hacked GH2.

The GH2 is set to 1080/24p AVCHD 44Mbit with Auto Quantizer 4. The NEX 5N is set to 1080/25p AVCHD 24Mbit.

I’ve included some 1080/50p slow motion footage as well and normally lit scenes shot with the NEX 5N.

Lenses: GH2 – Samyang 35mm F1.4, 5N – Canon 50mm F1.2 L. Both set to F1.4 throughout. Later 5N scenes are with the standard 18-55mm kit lens.

The Sony NEX 5N is the first DSLR* from Sony that offers manual control in video mode and 24p. It precedes the higher end Sony A77 and NEX 7 by about 2 months and is priced at just $599 for the body only. The 18-55mm OSS kit lens is video optimised and has a very effective optical stabiliser. A 50mm F1.8 OSS prime will follow soon (I tried one at IFA, it’s great to finally have a stabiliser on a fast prime!) and the OLED viewfinder add-on.

* I use the term DSLR as an umbrella term for cameras now – when technically the new Sonys are SLT or mirrorless compact system cameras (CSC).

The NEX 5N like the FS100 and NEX 7 is E-Mount. It will take the same lenses (including PL) and the forthcoming Zeiss 24mm F1.8. I had a play with this lens at IFA and it is absolutely beautiful, as is the OLED viewfinder on the NEX 7 and A77.

There is absolutely no doubt that Sony have produced a dark horse here, at this price and position in the range. It offers the biggest amount of bang per square inch and per dollar that I have ever seen. Due to it’s size and compatibility out of the box with PL mount lenses, it could also replace a director’s viewfinder with a digital equivalent.

Personally I am extremely disappointed with the Sony Nex 5N, to my eye it doesn’t look any better than Canon T3i or 60D footage. I think it actually might not even be there, however I withhold judgement until I get my hands on one my self. Based on the footage of the Sony Nex 5n and the very disappointing reviews of the Sony A77 I am not holding out much hope for the Nex 7. Sure the Nex 7 will probably be a great little stills camera but I don’t think it will be enough of a jump to get me to sell my Canon. This new batch of Nex cameras seems like a big jump up from the previous line but I wondering if it might take the next generation to really get more out of these cameras in terms of video capability. However I think Sony IS on the right track and adding 24P was/is big and I will hope it will become standard. I want a Sony HX9V that shoots 24P!:)