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Panasonic GH3 Announcement $1,300


16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Double OLED Display
Splash/Dustproof Design
Full-HD Progressive
Smartphone or Tablet Linking

Olympus OM-D Pictures, Specs, & News

A quick roundup of the latest rumors has been pumping out about the new Olympus OM-D camera system.

Weather Sealed Adapter

Camera has a classic OM design
- It has a magnesium body
- It is weathers sealed
- weight 373 g (body only).
- 16 megapixel sensor optimized for High Dynamic Range
- 200 up to 25.600 ISO
- Built-in electronic viewfinder 1.44 million dots (positioned in the center of the body like the old OM optical viewfinders and same resolution as the external VF-2 viewfinder (Click here to see on Amazon).
- 610.000 pixel OLED tilting 3 inch screen.
- Five-axis image stabilizer in body.
- FAST AF and 3D tracking
- Comes in Black or Silver.
- Price: Around $1.100 in USA or 1.000 Euro in Europe.

So far there has been absolutely ZERO specs about the video capability of this new camera. There is a dedicated video record button which is good. However I am not holding my breath for 1080 24p. Just going to have to wait until the Panasonic GH3 for a new m43 camera with solid video features.

Olympus OM-D Mirrorless “retro slr” FEB 5th

source:M43 rumors

M43 rumors is reporting that the new Olympus mirrorless will be called the Olympus OM-D. It will be a retro styled mirrorless camera that will resemble the OM film cameras of old. Hopefully Olympus figures out what 24p is and sticks it in this new camera. This could really give the upcoming Panasonic GH3 a run for its money. The real question is will Panasonic drop the boring industrial design with their new cameras like Fuji and Olympus have?

Panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses F2.0, Weather Sealed and $1700???

Source:M43 Rumors

M43 Rumors has new updates on the upcoming Panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses. It looks like Panasonic could be going big and expensive with the new X series lenses and the Panasonic GH3. There is possibility of weather sealing and a $1700 price tag per lens. The fast f2.0 aperture idea seems to not be completely dead. This is really potentially good news and leads to speculation about if Panasonic will be releasing a camera that has weather sealing. The successor to the GH2 could be a big jump in the features department.

I am personally still hoping that they will release a 12-35mm F2.0 lens. It will be most likely be relatively big, heavy, expensive, and not for everyone. However a really solid fast zoom for video users would be worth every penny.

For more info click here and here.


The new Panasonic GX1 was just officially announced but I will cut right to the chase for all the video users out there. looking through the spec spec sheet, 24P and AVCHD 2.0 are not there. I can understand no AVCHD 2.0 but the lack of 24p is really a bummer. Also there is no mic input and if you use the external EVF then putting a mic on the hot shoe is out of the question. I know this is a primarily a stills camera but this could have a made an awesome little “B” hybrid video camera. Hopefully the GH3 will be announced soon now that Panasonic have announced their “pro” model of the GF series.