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Panasonic GH3 Announcement $1,300


16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Double OLED Display
Splash/Dustproof Design
Full-HD Progressive
Smartphone or Tablet Linking

SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 Part I : The Night and Day Test Video

source:M43 Rumors

World Premiere !!! SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE T0.95 / 50mm Part I : The Night Tests

The Day Tests:

I just have the opportunity of testing a prototype SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE T0.95 / 50mm lens on my GH2 (.
This is an incredible lens, very sharp, even at full aperture. It’s a T0.95 very fast lens, that is an equivalence of f/0.92 !!!

Panasonic GH2 24P
Nostalgic mode
Always wide open at 0.95
1/50 shutter speed
quite always 160 asa
No color correction

Panasonic GX1 Video Test Footage

source: M43 Rumors

Sample movie filmed handheld with the Panasonic Lumix GX1 using its 14-42mm Power Zoom kit lens and the best quality 1080/50i AVCHD movie setting. My sample came from a PAL region, hence the 50i frame rate.

This video is part of my Panasonic Lumix GX1 preview at Camera Labs:

Pop Photo Names Panasonic GH2 Most Flexible Camera of the Year(2011) has named the Panasonic GH2 Most Flexible Camera of the Year(2011).

The GH2 is the first interchangeable-lens compact (ILC) to achieve an Excellent overall image quality in our tests—no mean feat given that it uses a Micro Four Thirds sensor that’s about 40 percent smaller in area than the APS-C sensors found in cameras it outperformed. The touchscreen interface is one of the best we’ve used, but if you hate touchscreens, just turn it off and use the many dedicated buttons and well-organized, customizable menus. ($950, street, with 14–42mm f/3.5–5.6 G Vario lens,

(RUMOR): Bad News! New Panasonic 12-35mm might only be F2.8 not F2

Source:M43 Rumors

M43 Rumors is reporting on a rumor about the upcoming Panasonic 12-35mm X zoom lens. There was big hope from video and still users that it would be a constant aperture lens at F2. The extra stop between F2 and F2.8 is more of less the difference in depth of field between m4/3 and APS-C. A high quality Panasonic 12-35mm F2 lens with OIS would make the platform more attractive. Lets hope that this is just a rumor and that Panasonic gives us that extra stop.

Panasonic GX1 Menu & Control Videos

Here a view videos of the new Panasonic GX1 running through the menu and control features of the camera.

Panasonic GX1 Menu Control from POPCO.NET on Vimeo.

Panasonic GX1 20fps continuous Shooting (4M) from POPCO.NET on Vimeo.

Panasonic GX1 Ultra Hi-Speed AF from POPCO.NET on Vimeo.

Panasonic GX1 promo video

Promo video for the new Panasonic GX1.



M43 Rumors is confirming that the Panasonic GX1 will have a 16 megapixel sensor.

Of course every rumor is questionable, and so are mine. But there are some websites saying the GX1 will have a 12 Megapixel sensor. And many readers contacted me to ask me if that is true. I am writing this post to answer you all and to confirm you again that my sources are telling me that it has a 16 Megapixel sensor. And I am 99,999% sure I am right :)

Anyway, it doesn’t matter that much now. The GX1 will be announced on Tuesday 8 November at 6-7am London time. Be sure to be online at 43rumors! I will update you with all news and reviews. And I want to remind you that we now have a new Facebook fanpage (Click here) you should join!

Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 Summilux review (video)

We take a look at the new Panasonic Leica lens for the micro four thirds system – the 25mm summilux – and see if it lives up to the name. Plus, Kai spends a load of money on a new suit.

Panasonic GX1 leaked pictures + new EVF specs! November 8th release date.

Source: m4/3 Rumors and mobile1

Anyway, for now we know that the camera will be announced on November 8 in Japan. It will come along a new 1.44k dot external viewfinder (tiltable). It has a 16 Megapixel sensor, 12.800 ISO and a 460k LCD screen (non tiltable). It will have a new processing engine no more JPEG motion recording and be slightly smaller than the GF1.

I would love to see some video specs! I hope that Panasonic will at least give the Panasonic GX1 24p. The 1.44k EVF sounds excellent but we will wait and see. I am seriously hoping that the upcoming GH3 will also be featuring a much more high resolution EVF.