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Panasonic GH3 launch film: Genesis

Panasonic GH3 launch film: Genesis from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Panasonic GH3 launch film: Genesis

Extra.Ordinary: Philip Bloom SONY FS-100

Sony asked Phil Bloom to make a series of short films using the Sony FS100. Now that the dust is starting to settle a bit after the November 3rd “Camera Armageddon”, the $5000 price tag for the FS100 is starting to look attractive in comparison.

For more info check out the Sony site here.

Also be sure to check the Aspect-Ratios master adapter list for the FS100 here.

Sony Professional has teamed up with director Philip Bloom to create the ‘Extra.Ordinary’ series of short films, looking at how to create amazing footage from everyday events.

To access the full film and find out how Philip Bloom shot this amazing footage, click here.

Also, enter your idea for an Extra.Ordinary film and be in with a chance to win a Sony NEX-FS100EK and see your vision made into film reality by Philip Bloom! Go to our Extra.Ordinary Facebook hub to find out more: