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RED Scarlet-X Unboxing and Hands-On Pictures(PLAYBACK)

source:Tonaci Tran of Tocani Camera Rental

Tonaci Tran of Tocani Camera Rental has posted some unboxing and hands-on pictures of his new RED Scarlet-X. Engadget has write up on the first Scarlet-X to ship. Check out the REDUSER forum for more details.

(NEW PICS) Sony 18-252mm T3.9-6.8 14x Zoom

A few new pics and details on the Sony 18-252mmT3.9-6.8 14x zoom lens for the Sony F3.

Check out Sony’s website for more information.

Engadget: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 hands-on article

“Remember the Lumix GF1? It was one of Panasonic’s first Micro Four Thirds cameras, setting the bar quite high for models to come. But the GF1′s successors — the GF2 and GF3 — did not live up to expectations, with the company gradually shifting the series towards transitioning point-and-shoot users, and away from early adopters who grew accustomed to the performance and build quality offered by that beloved early mirrorless cam. Now that familiar look and feel is back, in the form of the Panasonic GX1. The 16 megapixel ILC includes a Live MOS sensor and Venus engine, with a maximum ISO of 12,800. Like other Panasonic G-series cameras, the GX1 uses a Micro Four Thirds mount, and is compatible with both Panasonic and Olympus lenses, including the standard 14-42mm zoom that ships with the $800 kit, or the Lumix G X Vario PZ 14-42mm retractable lens that comes packaged for $950. Existing lens owners can pick up just the body for $700.”



With the innate ability to capture 5K REDCODE RAW stills and 4K motion, resolution sustains itself as a dominant gene in the RED family. Scarlet-X functions as a flexible device, utilizing HDRx and interchangeable lens mounts to provide you with options in a world that’s always changing. 5K burst modes snap up to 12 fps with 4K reaching up to 30 fps – helping you capture every perfect moment. All of the finest qualities of cinema and photography have now aligned, letting you take advantage of the best of both worlds with Scarlet-X.

Panasonic GX1 leaked pictures + new EVF specs! November 8th release date.

Source: m4/3 Rumors and mobile1

Anyway, for now we know that the camera will be announced on November 8 in Japan. It will come along a new 1.44k dot external viewfinder (tiltable). It has a 16 Megapixel sensor, 12.800 ISO and a 460k LCD screen (non tiltable). It will have a new processing engine no more JPEG motion recording and be slightly smaller than the GF1.

I would love to see some video specs! I hope that Panasonic will at least give the Panasonic GX1 24p. The 1.44k EVF sounds excellent but we will wait and see. I am seriously hoping that the upcoming GH3 will also be featuring a much more high resolution EVF.