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Inside a RED 18-85mm RED Zoom

Source:Duclos Lens Blog

Just finishing up an overhaul on a RED 18-85mm RED zoom. The zoom focus and iris all needed some new grease after some heavy shooting. This lens is built quite well using nothing but aluminum alloys and high quality hardware. A cam driven zoom converter and a helix based focus assembly join to make quite a nice optical-mechanical tool.

Carl Zeiss Lenses – Compact Prime CP.2 Mount Change Instructions

source:Carl Zeiss Facebook

Great news: With the Red Scarlet-X and Canon C300 there are two new cameras with EF or PL mount on the market for which we have the perfect lens solution. Our Compact Prime CP.2 lenses deliver superb flexibility thanks to the interchangeable mounts for five camera systems PL, EF, MFT, F and E mount. The CP.2 lenses are available in nine fixed focal lengths from 18 to 100 mm, with focal lengths 18-85 mm now in stock.

Fauer Finder:Sony NEX E-Mount PL Mount Director’s View Finder

source: Film and Digital Times

Want a terrific Director’s Finder? You’re three internet clicks away. Ingredients: One Sony NEX-5 digital camera, one MTF Services PL to Sony E Mount Adaptor, and one beautifully designed and machined Viewfinder and bracket from the wonderful folks at iDC Photo Video. Bruce Dorn has been sketching, milling and drilling away, and is now making me blush by calling it the Fauer Finder.

About the same size as your trusty Birns & Sawyer optical Director’s Finder, this product of rampant retrofit syndrome lets you pop on PL mount lenses and view the scene through iDC’s bright, clear magnifying loupe. The iDCPhotoVideo bracket firmly holds the loupe against the NEX-5′s 3″ TFT LCD. Because the NEX-5 uses a 23.4 x 15.6 APS-size CMOS sensor, what you see is very close to an ARRI Alexa’s 23.76 mm x 13.37mm or Sony F65 24.7mm x 13.1mm image area. Mark the frame lines with chart tape on the NEX-5 LCD.

The Sony NEX-5 has a Sony E-mount with a flange focal depth of 18mm. Live View makes it especially suitable as a finder. The 14.6 megapixel sensor provides RAW+JPEG stills and 1920×1080 HD AVCHD video for excellent storyboard frames and pre-viz scenes.

Oh, and if you just want to use the Sony NEX-5 the way it was intended, as a small APS-C size point and shoot with a Dorn good finder, you can order the camera with a small interchangeable E-mount 18-55, 18-200, or 16mm lens.

Three Pieces Needed
PL – E Mount Adapter
Sony NEX 5