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AbelCine Rental Kits: RED EPIC/Scarlet (VIDEO)

There’s nothing like the experience of our Rental department to build the most complete, battle-tested camera kits for our camera owner and renal house sales clients. In the first of our series “AbelCine Rental Kits,” we look at our RED EPIC camera packages. This same kitting can be applied to the RED Scarlet camera.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation of the components that go into the AbelCine RED EPIC/Scarlet Accessory Kit. For your convenience, we have created an accessory package (available in Anton/Bauer and V-Mount options) that includes all the items in a typical rental setup.

Alpha Build for Playback on RED Epic

RED has announced playback for the RED EPIC. Check out the REDUSER thread for more information.

The day has come… Alpha Build for Playback on Epic.

Please note.. this is an Alpha build. Read the Readme notes for known bugs.

RED EPIC On Location In Vietnam On Victor Vu’s Blood Letter

Tonaci posted a picture of the RED EPIC on location in Vietnam on Victor Vu’s new film Blood Letter.

4K RED EPIC EDIT in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Tom Lowe of TimeScapes has posted a video of natively editing RED EPIC footage on a 4K timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

4K EDIT in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

A behind-the-scenes video showing my 4K editing timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, using 5K native Red Epic .R3D files and 4K DPX timelapse sequences.

RED Triva App For The Iphone

Source:Phil Bloom


Out of love and passion, Jim Jannard focused on a dream.

Which was: To create a digital cinema camera without compromise, with ultra-high 4K resolution and RAW mode, just like his favorite DSLRs, only working in full motion.

Even his friends and supporters said it could not be done, pleading with him to consider something less ambitious, like a flying car, perhaps. “Compete against Sony?” they said. “Madness!”

But Jim thought Sony and its competitors were going too slowly, holding back technology that urgently wanted to be made free. He wanted to build the best digital cinema camera in the world … and he did.

This trivia game is a homage to the story behind RED, from its founding moments to the present day of EPIC and Scarlet. The history is here, from Bread Box to the very first delivered EPIC-M. The films are here, from Crossing the Line to The Hobbit. And the crazy moments, too, from Ketch’s legendary Tiramisu to the alleged Pink Scarlet.

The only question is: Will you be here? Join us in the Red Revolution, at least in spirit, by buying your copy of RED Trivia today!

While the app is suitable for people of any age, it does contain graphic illustrations of very expensive Digital Cinema equipment which you will almost certainly want to buy. Viewer discretion is advised.

RED is a trademark of RED Digital Cinema Corporation. RED Trivia is a “RED Fan” creation that is in no way affiliated with the company. Images property of RED Digital Cinema and Mark Pederson, all used by their kind permission.

Peter Jackson *NEW* Red Epic details from The Hobbit set

RED Epic vs. Panasonic GH2 Video

RED Epic verus Panasonic GH2 from Philip Coltart on Vimeo.

Panasonic GH2 (hacked) vs. Red Epic. The GH2 holds up very well!

This is a somewhat David and Goliath story. It is safe to say that a GH2 does not belong on a film set but with some care and stable hacking, this little cam does what it does. I was extremely careful conducting these tests. Every shot was focus assisted, all apertures matched and each cam was on its highest setting. No effects were added or taken away. White balance was adjusted and so were the levels to match each other. Please leave constructive comments. This is an evolving industry full of challengers, large and small, old and new. Feel free to visit some of our work at Thank you.

Smashing Pumpkins in slow motion – 1000 FPS w/ RED Epic & Twixtor

Here is a nice little Halloween video at 1000FPS.

We shot the pumpkins smashing with the Red Epic camera at 300 frames per second. Then in a couple of the shots I put the slow motion clips into Twixtor, a program that adds frames to make it even slow, and I made those shots run at 1000fps, by adding frames in between the other frames.

As far as the lighting goes, we used an Arri kit. We filmed the smashing of the pumpkins right outside my friends apartment. We dropped them off the three story building into the parking lot. To make the space look like it was in the middle of nowhere, we also drapped a black cloth/sheet. And we also covered the ground with water, and the pumpkins so they would shine/glisten in the lights that we had set up.