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S-Log and the Sony F3: Application

In the third part of my S-Log series I took the Sony F3 outside on a nice bright day to show what S-Log can do. Jeff Lee and I headed up to the roof of AbelCine and found some shade to stand in, this allowed us to show the most contrast possible. I shot the blog in S-Log as well as in the standard video modes with the AbelRange profile that I created earlier this year. This way I can show just what S-Log enables in the camera. All the clips in the video, except the last one, were recorded to the Gemini 4:4:4 recorder. The Gemini records in uncompressed DPX stacks so nothing was lost along the way. The last shot was S-Log out to a PIX240 recorder in ProRes422 HQ, this was enabled with the new F3 1.31 firmware from Sony. I graded all of the shots in DaVinci Resolve Lite. The difference between S-Log and my range profile can be slight at times, but pay close attention to highlight areas, especially the skin highlights. Thanks to Isaac Kiener from sales for helping out. Stay tuned for the last part of the series on look up tables in the camera.

To learn more about the F3, S-Log, and LUTs make sure to check out our F3 Training Class in NY and LA:

Sony 11-16mm T3 PL and 18-252mm Sony F3 Lens Review

This is a lens review of the new Sony 11-16mm T3 PL zoom and Sony 18-252mm zoom lenses.

This was all done in 3 hours yesterday afternoon in Tokyo. I was lucky enough to get Sony Japan (through System 5) to lend me these lenses to test. I do not have any commercial arrangement with Sony or System 5 and nor do I receive any of these products for free. If I want them I have to buy them like everyone else.

I’m not normally in front of the camera so please excuse the rambling and mistakes that are made.

This is more of a review than a test. There are no charts, just me using the lenses for a few hours to get a general feel for them and to help me evaluate what I liked and didn’t like about them.
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Sony F3 Sony 14-252mm and SR-R1 Recorder Hands-On Video


Abel Cine has posted a hands-on video with the new Sony 14-252mm 14x zoom and SR-R1 Recorder for the F3. Check the Abel Cine link here because the video is locked to their site.

(NEW PICS) Sony 18-252mm T3.9-6.8 14x Zoom

A few new pics and details on the Sony 18-252mmT3.9-6.8 14x zoom lens for the Sony F3.

Check out Sony’s website for more information.

S-log For Dummies Video


S-log For Dummies from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.

Matthew Allard gives a run of how the S-log feature on the Sony F3 works.

Like me you probably hadn’t heard of S-log or even had the faintest idea about what it was or what it does.

S-log was originally only available on super high end cameras like the Sony F35. Now that it’s available for the F3 I thought I’d do some research and try and explain it in as simple language as possible. Now before I do I’m not some super tekkie guy or an engineer so i’m not even going to try and explain why it does what it does. I’m just going to explain what it does. I’m also happy to be corrected on anything I have gotten wrong. I have researched by reading various articles and i’ve tried to not make this article too technical.

In a nutshell, S-log is supposed to offer you exceptional tonal reproduction in both the high-lights and low-lights. In other words it can help expose the brightest part of your scene while still keeping the detail in the shadows. We have all shot something when to expose for the brightest part of a scene we have had to stop the camera down which ultimately means losing all the detail in the shadows. S-log helps you to keep some of that information you would normally lose, while also giving you greater range in the highlights.

Sony 18-252mm Zoom FZ mount lens for the F3!


FDTIMES.COM has new info on the Sony 18-252mm zoom lens! There is an explanation for why Sony was able to make this new lens and not have be a meter long! This is the sort of high powered ENG lens that is sorely missing for the m4/3 platform!

The lens is lightweight and tiny–yet covers an astounding range: 18mm on the wide end and 252mm on the tight. This is possible because it uses the F3′s FZ mount, which has a shallow flange focal depth of around 18 mm. This is much less than the 52mm depth we’re used to with PL mounts, and the lens has a lot less “heavy lifting” to do. Furthermore, this zoom takes advantage of the FZ mount’s electronic contacts to “talk” to the camera, just like many of the DSLR cameras we are using. (FZ is the name of the propriety Sony F3 mount.)

Specs of Sony SCL-Z18x140 18-252 mm Zoom:
FZ mount (F3 proprietary mount) – 35mm format
18 – 252 mm (14:10 zoom
T3.9 (wide end) – T6.8 (tight end)
7 bladed iris
filter diameter 82mm (forgot to check if it’s threaded)
weight: 2.25 kg
dims: 151.5 (w) x 173.5 (d) x 125.6 (h) at wide end
216.1 (d) at tight end — inner barrel extended
Auto flange depth back adjustment

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