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Sony NEX-7 commercial (VIDEO)

Hands On: Sony F65 Camera Overview

We have had a number of different events over the last few months featuring Sony’s F65 camera. The F65 offers unparallelled 8k resolution and produces stunning 4k imagery. We’ve done a lot of testing with it, and found both the resolution and dynamic range to be off the charts. For all of you that were not able to attend our events, I put together this short video covering some of the big features of the camera; stay tuned for future videos on workflow and data management. The F65 has a special package price offer through Dec 26th, so make sure to speak with our sales team if you are interested.

Extra.Ordinary: Philip Bloom SONY FS-100

Sony asked Phil Bloom to make a series of short films using the Sony FS100. Now that the dust is starting to settle a bit after the November 3rd “Camera Armageddon”, the $5000 price tag for the FS100 is starting to look attractive in comparison.

For more info check out the Sony site here.

Also be sure to check the Aspect-Ratios master adapter list for the FS100 here.

Sony Professional has teamed up with director Philip Bloom to create the ‘Extra.Ordinary’ series of short films, looking at how to create amazing footage from everyday events.

To access the full film and find out how Philip Bloom shot this amazing footage, click here.

Also, enter your idea for an Extra.Ordinary film and be in with a chance to win a Sony NEX-FS100EK and see your vision made into film reality by Philip Bloom! Go to our Extra.Ordinary Facebook hub to find out more:

(NEW PICS) Sony 18-252mm T3.9-6.8 14x Zoom

A few new pics and details on the Sony 18-252mmT3.9-6.8 14x zoom lens for the Sony F3.

Check out Sony’s website for more information.

SONY NEX FS100 pimped

Video from the F-Stop Academy showing a pimped out SONY NEX FS100.

Sony F65 120FPS Firmware Upgrade

Sony F65
to feature 120FPS by Summer 2012.

January 2012 Record 16-bit 4K RAW at frame rates of 23.98p / 24p / 25p / 29.97p / 59.94p / 60p
February 2012 “Beta” version of HD recording using Sony’s SR codec at 440Mb/s and 4:4:4. Available frame rates of 23.98p / 24p / 25p / 29.97p.
April 2012 Full HD recording with addition of 880Mb/s and 220Mb/s, as well as 4:2:2 option, and ramping from 1-60fps in RAW and SR recording.
Summer 2012 High speed recording of 61-120fps for all recording options.

Sony NEX-5N vs Canon 7D – Part 1

Sony Nex-5n vs. Canon 7D comparison test footage.

Sony NEX-7 prototype video test at the Denver Zoo

Sony NEX-7 prototype video test at the Denver Zoo from Justin Nystrom on Vimeo.

Not great art, but more of an equipment test. At a very cool event sponsored by Mike’s camera in Denver on October 15, I had about a half an hour to test out a prototype model Sony NEX-7. My impression is that this is an interesting little camera. All of this was shot in 24p mode because the event only had class 6 cards for sale. As you can see, the autofocus is a little slow. I used the Zeiss 24/1.8 lens on this, no color correction, and this is exported out of FCP7. Sorry now that I didn’t wait to test the A77, but I cannot stand zoos. The color banding that appears in this showed up in one other clip as I panned across the sandy-brown cement and rocks. Ideas?

Sony 18-252mm Zoom FZ mount lens for the F3!


FDTIMES.COM has new info on the Sony 18-252mm zoom lens! There is an explanation for why Sony was able to make this new lens and not have be a meter long! This is the sort of high powered ENG lens that is sorely missing for the m4/3 platform!

The lens is lightweight and tiny–yet covers an astounding range: 18mm on the wide end and 252mm on the tight. This is possible because it uses the F3′s FZ mount, which has a shallow flange focal depth of around 18 mm. This is much less than the 52mm depth we’re used to with PL mounts, and the lens has a lot less “heavy lifting” to do. Furthermore, this zoom takes advantage of the FZ mount’s electronic contacts to “talk” to the camera, just like many of the DSLR cameras we are using. (FZ is the name of the propriety Sony F3 mount.)

Specs of Sony SCL-Z18x140 18-252 mm Zoom:
FZ mount (F3 proprietary mount) – 35mm format
18 – 252 mm (14:10 zoom
T3.9 (wide end) – T6.8 (tight end)
7 bladed iris
filter diameter 82mm (forgot to check if it’s threaded)
weight: 2.25 kg
dims: 151.5 (w) x 173.5 (d) x 125.6 (h) at wide end
216.1 (d) at tight end — inner barrel extended
Auto flange depth back adjustment

For more info click here.

AVCHD 2.0 expands to include 1080 50p and 60p


The AVCHD video format specification has been updated to include 1080 60p and 50p video. The AVCHD 2.0 standard has been approved by Sony and Panasonic – the co-promoters of the format. The move also includes additional support for high definition 3D movies in the format. Up until now, both companies have made high-end camcorders that incorporated out-of-specification 60p video in what was otherwise an AVCHD arrangement.